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Sellersville adopts new comprehensive plan


Sellersville Borough Council voted Monday to adopt a new comprehensive plan for the Upper Bucks town.

The plan establishes principles aimed at addressing the physical, social, and economic development of the borough. It’s a foundation for shaping the municipality’s future with regard to everything from zoning and land use policies to commercial development and more.

Developed by the Bucks County Planning Commission with input from the Sellersville Planning Commission, borough engineer, solicitor, manager and council members, the new comprehensive plan’s five guiding principles are to promote economic vitality; build and maintain a livable community; protect Sellersville’s natural, historic and cultural resources; provide for mobility and connections; and promote smart growth.

Reviewable in full online, the plan includes a checklist for priority action items for the borough to undertake to advance plan goals and principles.

For instance, the checklist recommends that officials amend borough zoning to permit new commercial uses, such as a business incubator, community shared kitchen, artisanal manufacturing and a brewery, winery or distillery.

It also recommends that the borough coordinate with local businesses to develop a marketing plan to promote the business district.

Borough officials should also adopt a capital improvement plan linked with comprehensive plan update objectives, the checklist says.

To protect natural elements, the borough should prepare a management plan for removing invasive plant species and other plant species affected by disease and invasive pests, the comprehensive plan suggests.

Other recommendations include: Allowing for flexible uses of older buildings; encouraging development that provides for a variety of dwelling types, while being an efficient and innovative use of land; making various zoning revisions that reflect the current reality of the borough; working with existing businesses to accommodate their needs; coordinating with outside agencies to attract new industry to the Sellersville Business Campus; and conducting a parking study and evaluating parking requirements in the Sellersville zoning ordinance.

“The plan takes effect immediately,” said Borough Manager David Rivet. “There’s no set time frame for how long it’s in place. It lasts until it is updated again.”