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Letters to the Herald

School districts should publicly support Israel


I would sincerely hope that all school districts led by their superintendents will show their unwavering support for Israel against the totally unprovoked attack by terrorists who have killed and maimed hundreds of innocent men, women and children.

All too often school district officials shy away from controversy even though they know full well that when it comes to terrorism, an attack upon one is an attack against all.

As one high ranking Israeli official stated, “this is our 9/11.” And make no mistake about it, while Israel is 5,700 miles away from Bucks County, in a blink of an eye terrorists can be at our doorstep as they were in Pennsylvania and New York City on 9/11.

Therefore, without delay, messages of solidarity with Israel from all school districts must be sent out to all families. And hopefully, the Herald’s reporters will seek and obtain feedback from the districts.

Melvin Band, Solebury