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Guest Opinion

Sad to see anti-Israel political activism in Central Bucks


Recently it was brought to the attention of several parents that an organization in CB West is allowing students to gather during lunch and learn to write anti-Israel letters to the Pennsylvania state treasurer to stop buying Israeli bonds.

Not only is this political activism. This student activity was purely to sway children’s views about political candidates, the one thing our previous board worked diligently trying to stop.

The latest thing teachers are doing are hanging huge progress flags in my child’s middle school. Some say this isn’t political and makes children feel safe. I am not sure why an American flag doesn’t promote the feeling of safety.

The real problem is what if a teacher says the same thing about a Palestinian flag?

There are no guidelines or parameters set up to say what type of political symbols are allowed in school. As a community we need the district to explain what they are doing to protect all children since all children need to feel safe.

The previous board policy to keep all symbols and flags out of school was working to actually protect all kids. Now it’s a free for all, and I am very concerned for our Jewish community.

It’s hard to understand why people in Bucks County voted in people that want politics to be a priority in schools. Here we are though. It’s a very scary time in Bucks County.

Jamie Walker lives in Chalfont.

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