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“Roots and Wings” solo exhibition to open at ArtWRKD


ArtWRKD presents the solo show of Melissa “Mesa” Matarese, “Roots and Wings,” beginning with an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. May 3, at 126 S. State St., Newtown. The show continues through May 19.

M. Matarese, a dedicated advocate for living a creative lifestyle deeply rooted in nature and community service, presents a collection that echoes her profound reverence for the natural world and her commitment to enriching the lives of those around her.

At the heart of Matarese’s ethos lies a passionate dedication to living authentically and with integrity, epitomizing the values of freedom and kindness. Her diverse body of work reflects a life lived with purpose, from her pioneering endeavors such as building an off-grid tiny house on wheels, to establishing community gardens like The Peace Garden at TileWorks, providing sustenance and solace to local residents.

“Roots and Wings” offers a multifaceted exploration of Matarese’s artistic vision, showcasing an expansive body of work encompassing drawings, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and pottery. Central to the exhibition is the debut of “Iridescent Tears,” a poignant collection of 55 poems and prayers, accompanying Matarese’s artwork.

Matarese’s creative journey extends beyond the confines of her studio, as she shares her wisdom and passion through initiatives such as leading donation-based CommUNITY yoga classes for the past 12 years. Additionally, her adventurous spirit has led her on travels around the planet, immersing herself in the inner and outer wilderness, gathering inspiration from the natural world.

For information, visit the gallery online or email Ashara Shapiro

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