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Robert Beck: If I May

Finding ways to make things better


The article by Claire Lynch (Herald July 28) about the classes in professional development being held for the Latino community by the chef and staff at HollyHedge profiles a great opportunity and a generous local business. There is a larger story.

At the beginning of that story is Fisherman’s Mark, the social services organization that has been looking after our towns for 40-some years now. It pays attention to people who find themselves in vulnerable situations — both individuals and whole populations — and Fisherman’s Mark creates sustainable solutions that move everybody forward.

It’s an ongoing process; not just helping here and there, but taking on large issues and working closely with people, the business community, and the local government. The group determines what’s needed and finds ways to make it happen. The story shows them at work: finding ways to make things better.

On the near end of the article is HollyHedge. That’s the Luccaro family. One that goes back to an earlier New Hope. Back to Table Nine at Mother’s, and the era everybody puts in their marketing material. Holly Hedge has been the premier event venue in the area for decades, and the community-minded spirit of those days is still part of their DNA.

Joe is out with the neighbors when it’s time to pick up the trash along 263. Like a lot of people in our river towns, they are always there when help is needed.

Fisherman’s Mark and HollyHedge are run by caring and contributing people who understand we are all in this together. They are more than just a helping hand and a picture of smiling people in the paper. They show the way. They deserve not just our thanks, but our support as well.