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Letters to the Herald

RIGGI an important step in climate change


As a resident of Doylestown Township, I urge state Rep. Labs to support the adoption of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
RGGI is a cooperative agreement of 10 states in the Northeast United States which would put in place a cap-and-trade process for CO2 emissions. It has worked well for years now in the first 10 states, and Pennsylvania, which is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the region.
Gov. Wolf is pushing this initiative forward and it has already been approved by the Environmental Quality Board and the independent Regulatory Review Commission.
On Dec. 15, Rep. Labs voted with the majority to disapprove RGGI. Gov. Wolf will undoubtedly veto the resolutions, and the Legislature will vote to override the veto sometime soon. It’s critical that Representative Labs votes no on the veto override and supports Pennsylvania’s joining RGGI.

Doylestown Township and our local area have been hit hard this past year with numerous disasters, including devastating floods and a series of terrifying tornadoes. One of the tornadoes greatly damaged several of my neighbors’ homes just a half mile away from me, including Doylestown Hospital’s Childcare Center. It is likely that climate driven events will only get worse unless action is taken to stop greenhouse gas emissions.
Again, I urge Representative Labs to allow the implementation of RGGI, and to continue to work towards 100% renewable energy for our commonwealth.
Heidi Shiver, Doylestown Township