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Revolutionary War era sword donated to Washington Crossing Historic Park


On July 4, Lisa Thorndike of Pennington, N.J., and her sons Alden and Michael Thorndike presented an American small sword to Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA).

Named the “Thorndike sword,” the blade had been in the Thorndike family since the Revolutionary War and dates to between 1730 and 1760.

“It’s the continuing mission of the Friends of Washington Crossing Park to preserve and present Revolutionary War history to our visitors and guests,” said John Godzieba, president of the Friends of Washington Crossing Park and the reenactor who portrays General Washington.

“Artifacts, such as this sword, are tangible connections to this country’s struggles during The Revolutionary War and conserving these valuable objects for future generations is an important responsibility.

“We’re honored that the Thorndike family has chosen us to take possession of their family’s heirloom for a future exhibit,” he continued. “We also extend our gratitude to Lisa Thorndike for her continued support of our organization as a member and a donor.”

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