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Retired journalist Petra Chesner Schlatter needs living kidney donor


Retired Bucks County journalist Petra Chesner Schlatter is one of thousands across this nation awaiting a kidney transplant.

“Living with fourth-stage kidney disease is very difficult,” Chesner Schlatter said. “I have only 14% function of my kidneys and have diabetes. My day-to-day activities are so constant that I am having to rely on many people to help me.

“My doctor says I will go on dialysis before the end of the year if I don’t find a living kidney donor.”

Anyone can sign up to be a living donor, Chesner Schlatter said.

Donor bills, hospital stay, medications, home care, are paid for by a donor acquisition fund and the kidney recipient’s insurance, she added.

“I want to experience my grandchildren grow up,” she said. “Being with them brings joy to my life. My grandson just turned 2 years old and my granddaughter just celebrated her 8th birthday.

“There was a joint birthday party for them, but I could not go because I am high risk of getting COVID-19. I stay away from large groups because they could be super spreaders.

In the United States, there are over 100,000 people waiting for a deceased donor kidney transplant, which takes five to seven years to get.

Chesner Schlatter’s blood type is O Positive; a donor can be either O Positive or O Negative, she said, noting the success rate of transplants from living donors is higher than kidneys of deceased donors.

“Donation of a living kidney will greatly increase my quality of life and prevent dialysis, which cannot be performed forever. If I do not find a living donor, I would start dialysis by the end of the year,” she siad. “Dialysis is not a pleasant experience. It usually is done three times a week for three hours per day.”

As a retired journalist, Chesner Schlatter focused a good deal of her time on “my hope to make this world a better place and sharing the words, ‘peace, love and harmony.’ My goal is to inspire others about the good in the world.”

“Thank you so very much for considering being a donor.

“If you are moved to learn more, please send an email to with your full name, phone number so I can answer any concerns or questions you may have.”

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