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Republicans and Democrats report “good turnout” for Election 2022

Only minor concerns about voting irregularities


At Bucks County Republican headquarters on Election Day, Pat Poprik was upbeat and optimistic. Across town, at the Democratic Committee, the sentiment was much the same.

“Everything is going very smoothly,” said Poprik. “We’re seeing a good turnout.” She predicted “a big win” for Republicans.

“I think undecided voters are thinking about crime, the cost of gas, what’s being taught in schools,” she said, in the party’s office, where hundreds of elephants line the shelves. “COVID opened people’s eyes,” said Poprik. “It’s a revolution.”

Mixing through a small tray of slips of paper where the committee was tracking any problems, Poprik said there were “just some minor concerns.”

State Sen. Steve Sanatrsiero (D-10) also serves as the chair of the Bucks County Democratic Committee. On Tuesday, he was visiting polls both as the chairman and a candidate. He won his race for another term in Harrisburg.

“It looks good from our perspective,” said Santarsiero, on Election Day. “Turnout is good across the board.”

He credited a strong in-person turnout and support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shaprio for bringing voters to the polls. “It’s a rejection of extremism,” said the senator.

Midterm Election 2022