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Letters to the Herald

Relief stems from landing a job with medical coverage


Peace of mind can be defined as the feeling of being safe and protected. While there are different milestones throughout our lives that bring us more peace of mind, one standout moment for me was when I landed my first job that provided me with health insurance.

This milestone gave me confidence and a genuine peace of mind that could not be matched. We all worry, what would happen if I got a cold that turned into something more? What if I broke a leg? In the back of our minds, these worries are always there and that’s normal. What we don’t all experience is the added dread of wondering “How am I going to pay for this?”.

That is why I am now so thankful to be in a job that provides health insurance to its staff. It seems silly but I can rest easy knowing that I don’t have to worry about how I will be able to cover my next medical bill. I can just do my job and live my life to the fullest, knowing that in the worst-case scenario, I won’t be taking it on alone.

Kelly Birmingham, Langhorne

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