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Regional Response Health Collaboratives launch 24/7 COVID-19 support call centers for long-term care facilities

The Wolf administration today announced that the availability of 24/7 call centers to provide clinical and operational support to long-term care facilities as they protect residents and staff from COVID-19. The call centers are run and staffed by health systems participating in the Regional Response Health Collaboration Program (RRHCP), the education and clinical support network launched for long-term care providers earlier this month.

“Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 could arise at any point, and for people living and working in a long-term care facility, quick action and mitigation efforts could be the difference between isolated cases and an outbreak,” said Department of Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller. “The Regional Response Health Collaboration was established to be a network that long-term care providers can turn to for real-time technical assistance and clinical support, and call centers run by each health system partner will allow facilities across Pennsylvania to know that no matter when they have a question or a challenge arises, they are not alone in this fight.”

More than 45,000 Pennsylvanians live in more than 1,200 personal care homes and assisted living residences, and more than 80,000 residents live in 693 nursing facilities throughout the commonwealth. These residents are often some of the most vulnerable and susceptible to COVID-19 due to age, presence of existing health conditions that may lead to complications, and the congregate nature of these facilities. The Wolf administration is committed to continuing to provide close support to long-term care facilities.