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Red Tag zone residents on Old Carversville Road object to extended hunting season


Several residents of Old Carversville Road confronted the Solebury Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, saying hunters in the area are putting them, their children, pedestrians and drivers in danger.

At issue is the area’s designation as a Red Tag zone, meaning that due to the increasing deer population, the hunting season is extended from Feb. 1 to Sept. 28, dawn to dusk, excluding Sundays. No hunting is allowed by May 16 to June 30.

Red Tags are special permits issued by the state for deer control in agricultural areas for Pennsylvania residents with a valid Pennsylvania hunting license.

Residents complained that they should have been given the chance to vote on the designation.

“I’m angry. My voice was not heard,” said one man who added the zone “is bringing in people (hunters) with no interest in Solebury.”

“We’re not crazy,” said another resident. “We just don’t want people stalking around with guns. Hunting is not a permanent solution. We need a humane permanent solution.

One woman said hunters shot a deer in her front yard and hauled it away.

Dennis Carney, township manager, said the state Game Commission included Solebury in the Red Tag zone because of its large deer population. He said the state game warden has visited the area many times and found no violations.

In other business, Solebury’s 22nd annual nine-day Winter Festival “raised an amazing $45,738 that is being distributed amongst our local community organizations,” according to a letter from Dudley Rice, parks and recreation director.

For its share, Solebury’s Parks and Recreation Board received $8,700 for its program fund, he stated, and the township police received $300.

The supervisors, on the recommendation of the Historical Architectural Review Board, approved an in-kind replacement of a metal roof for the Carversville General Store, which is in a historic district on Fleecy Dale Road. It still requires a building permit.

The supervisors also approved the following appointments:

- Craig Haney to the farm committee, serving until July, 31, 2021;

- Christopher Caputo to the zoning hearing board, serving until Dec. 31, 2023;

- Michael Firth as alternate member of the Zoning Hearing Board, serving until Dec. 31, 2021.

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