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Letters to the Herald

Reality check needed for climate watchers


Those “Greenies” who are hell-bent on eliminating fossil fuels need a reality check. While we are going through a natural phase of global warming it is far from the end of the Earth.

Many are concerned with the future of the food supply for a growing population, but with the modest increase in temperatures comes more arable land.

Instead of wasting time and money on pie-in-the-sky alternative power sources and California’s $50-70 billion train to nowhere we should be doing two things: putting a big effort into making the burning of carbon-based fuels cleaner, and investing in reservoirs and viaducts to get the water to the land that needs it.

A few years ago California was in the midst of a prolonged drought. Someone asked the governor why they haven’t built any new reservoirs in decades. He replied, “My interior secretary says it’s not going to rain again.” When the inevitable rain did come in torrents, 95% went into the Pacific Ocean, and the money that went into the failed train project went with it.

Stephen Hanover, Plumsteadville