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Quarry outflow endangers Exceptional Value Rapp Creek


The Exceptional Value Rapp Creek in Nockamixon Township is again endangered.

Photographs taken by Stephen Donovan show the contamination of Rapp Creek with rock dust from the outfall of the quarry owned and operated by Hanson Aggregates in Ottsville at 2:30 p.m. Aug. 10.

“There are reports of Rapp Creek (EV) looking like the color of cement all the way down to Tinicum,” Donovan said.

“I have looked at the quarry outfall for over 15 years; now it is clearly misfunctioning. We had 3.29 inches of rain from 5 a.m. to noon on Aug. 4 from tropical storm Isaias. The main part of Rapp Creek was then only slightly muddy from the storm.

Six days later, Dr. Donovan saw the Rapp Creek was the color of cement “due only to the pollution coming out of the quarry.”

When he was at the outfall shooting photographs, Donovan heard heavy machinery operating over the bank, either causing the problem or hopefully trying to fix it. “Normally there is no equipment used in that area,” Donovan said. “I inspect the quarry yearly as a representative of the EAC (Environmental Advisory Council) and the BNT GWMC (Bridgeton Nockamixon Tinicum Ground Water Management Committee) with Nockamixon Township.”

Donovan has asked the state Department of Environmental Protection what action it will take to halt the pollution.