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Quakertown resident participates in genetics research project


A team of three students, including Long Nguyen of Quakertown, participated in summer research on molecular genetics.
When asked about the experience, one of the student researchers, Danny Monzo, Class of 2022, wrote:
“This summer I participated in the eight-week Muhlenberg Summer Research Program in the laboratory of Dr. Bruce Wightman of the Biology Department. My research was funded by the Vaughan Summer Research Grant. In the lab, we studied the molecular genetics of sleep and arousal in the species of nematode C. elegans.
“While much simpler and smaller than humans, C. elegans have a lot in common with humans, and they serve as a model organism to study various pathologies and pathways that would otherwise be hard to study in humans. Specifically in our lab, we are investigating the sleep vs. arousal pathway as well as how the neuronal and hormonal aspects of sleep interact to mediate that decision.”

More than 60 students collaborated with faculty on a variety of research projects this summer as part of Muhlenberg’s research community. Topics can be student- or faculty-driven, and span the natural and social sciences, humanities and arts.
During the summer, students are typically on campus for eight to 10 weeks of full-time research and receive a stipend, housing and college credit.