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Proud American Patriots presidents shares beliefs


First and foremost, the national president of the Proud American Patriots Network wants people to know that the Warwick Township-based organization believes in the Constitution of the United States.
T.J. Kosin, who leads the grassroots group, said PAPN is not associated with the alt-right organization the Three Percenters, which he said, is “not an organization, it’s an ideology. Some are radical and some are not; that’s where we fall, we’re not” radical.
At one point, Kosin said, there was a loose affiliation with the Three Percenters based on what he believed was their work in disaster relief. When he realized that was not its mission, the relationship ended.
While five members of the PAPN attended former President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C. on Jan.6, Kosin said none joined the ensuing riot. On Jan. 7, Kosin said, his organization condemned the breach of Capitol. “It was not the proper way to handle it,” he said, of the violence.
“We believe people can have meaningful dialogue with people with different positions. We believe in the electoral process,” said Kosin, during an interview.

Recently, PAPN has become involved with the controversial issue of mask mandates for school children. Kosin said he began attending meetings of the Central Bucks School Board, when his children struggled with wearing masks. One of his kids, he said, is autistic and another has anxiety. “They were okay with face shields,” but not masks, he said.
“We support vaccines, but not mandates,” said Kosin, who noted that he’s vaccinated against COVID-19. “People have the right to choose what’s right for them and their families.” Anyone who wants to wear a mask should be able to, but it should not be required, he added.
Among other areas of interest to the Proud American Patriots Network is term limits for members of Congress. Kosin said his organization is working with the Convention of States to achieve that goal.
Another area of interest to the group is disaster relief. As part of Crisis, the patriots’ network works to support disaster victims with Federal Emergency Management Agency paperwork and food donations, said Kosin. He described the organization as “equally involved” with mandates and disaster response.
PAPN is offering its first Conservative Youth of America scholarship to a student who writes the best essay on what it’s like to be conservative in America. The winning student will receive $500, said Kosin.

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