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Press conference to address planned closure of Fox Subacute at Warrington


On Thursday, March 31, the Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) will join Fox Subacute in addressing the closure of Fox Subacute at Warrington — a post-acute care provider specializing in respiratory services — as a result of state underfunding for patient care and increased staffing costs.

Fox Subacute at Warrington serves patients dependent on life-sustaining ventilators for short and long-term care services. With four total facilities, Fox Subacute is the only Pennsylvania post-acute care provider solely specializing in ventilator care. Sixty ventilator beds will no longer be available in Pennsylvania after the closure of Fox Subacute at Warrington. There is no planned closure for any other Fox Subacute facility.

Patients, their family members and staff have been notified of the 90-day closure plan filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Human Services. Fox Subacute is working with managed care organizations –– state-contracted companies responsible for the placement and funding distributions for Medicaid patients –– to identify other specialized facilities that can help with the transition of patients for their continued care. 

Thursday’s press conference will provide more details about the closure of Fox Subacute at Warrington and address concerns of the potential for more Pennsylvania skilled nursing facility closures –– especially those providing specialized care at higher costs –– if state investments in the care of skilled nursing patients are not made. 

Joining PHCA and Fox Subacute at the press conference will be state Sen. Maria Collett (Bucks and Montgomery Counties) and state Rep. Todd Polinchok (Bucks County).