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Guest Opinion

Praise for Herald’s “Trading Up” series


I am writing to express my appreciation for the exceptional work of Andy Holtzman and Brett Duffey in the “Trading Up” series in the Bucks County Herald. Their commitment to investigative reporting and the depth of their analysis have undoubtedly made an impact on our local community, providing viewers with valuable insights into various career paths.

The series not only provided insights into different professional journeys but also played a crucial role in underscoring the significance of embracing a variety of career choices. In today’s society, which places a strong emphasis on individuality, Holtzman and Duffey’s reporting demonstrated that pursuing one’s passion through alternative routes is entirely acceptable. Their work challenges the stereotype that college is the sole pathway and includes the validation of attending trade schools — an affirmation that many may find comforting in itself.

What makes this series particularly commendable is its ability to expose viewers to a range of career options fostering an understanding that success can be achieved through various paths, despite college degree requirements many companies abide by. Holtzman and Duffey have effectively conveyed that it’s okay to be different and pursuing one’s passion without a college degree is acceptable in today’s world.

As an HR executive within an organization with divisions that rely on trade skill workers as well as college-educated professionals, the informative and well-researched content of the series has been instrumental in breaking stereotypes, providing helpful information and opening the minds of many professional groups. By showcasing individuals thriving in different career paths, the series has contributed to a more inclusive narrative, encouraging viewers to explore and pursue their passions with confidence.

I commend the Bucks County Herald for providing a platform for such insightful reporting that informs and empowers its readers. I look forward to more thought-provoking pieces from the talented team, continuing to shed light on the inspiring stories within our community.

Mary Chan is an HR executive with Colliers’ Greater Philadelphia Tri-State region.

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