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Letters to the Herald

Police need to not be outgunned by criminals


If the Feb. 23 opinion writer (If there’s no place in society for “assault -style” weapons, why do cops have them?) would look at the history of police weapons, he would find that police needed more firepower so they weren’t outgunned by criminals.

Is there so much crime in Springfield that the writer needs a semi-automatic weapon to defend himself. A semi- automatic shotgun (limited to three shells) would be plenty adequate.

As long as people are duped into believing they need semi-automatic weapons for whatever reason, we will keep having too many gun deaths.

Semi-automatic weapons are great fun for many people on the shooting range. Keep them there. Many of us who were in the military or carried guns for private security are well aware of how fast a situation can change and you are looking at the wrong end of a weapon.

We need more sensible gun laws that allows people who enjoy shooting weapons to do so in appropriate shooting ranges but protect the rest of us from getting killed. Hunters are already regulated as to the amount of ammunition and the type of guns they use.

Charles Reichner, Revere

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