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Poet's Corner

Take dimes!


He’d yell before I went anywhere

especially if it was with a boy.

He thought there were payphones


I guess he forgot

we didn’t live

on a Philly city block anymore.

We lived in South Jersey;

cow and horses,

who didn’t use payphones,

outgrazed people.

But when I’d remind him,

he’d just insist,

Take dimes!

It took a few years,

but payphones went up to a quarter.

I realized,

Now, I can get Daddy to stop giving me heavy rolls of dimes!

Before I went out next time, he bellowed,

Take dimes!

Triumphant, I smirked.

Payphones are a quarter now, Daddy.

Stumped silent,

he stared at me.

Then he persisted,

You always take dimes!

Before our wedding ceremony,

Daddy handed my almost-husband and me a roll of dimes.

You need me, you call me

Deb Freedman is a Bucks County resident of many years. Connected by dear local friends, she appreciates its poetry-sparking environments, from beautiful Williamson Park in Morrisville, the Delaware Canal stretching through historic Yardley as well as a variety of scenic parks.

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