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Poet's Corner

Spring in May


Chalfont, Pennsylvania

To rest beneath a canopy of sky

Dappled by euphoric blossoms

Pink as dawn and fragile

To think of nothing more than whence

Originates the panoply of enveloping scents

Compelling as vanilla to one bereft

Of one scintilla of sweetness

To see no more than palettes of pinks

Reds greens and skyward blue

And every pastel rainbow hue

Mesmerized to close my eyes

Still see with eyes wide shut

The satin of the softly wispy skies

The overladen drooping crabapple tree

Dropping a carpet of petals beneath its

Rounded motherly arms that reach

For every child that reaches upward

That embraces every child that steps into it

To be in pinkest of pink places

Face to face with blossom kisses

To breathe in and in and in and exhale

As slowly as the taste of honey

Melts into the mouth

This is Spring in May!

Previously published: When Awoken Sing,; Gathering Gallery, Doylestown Corinne-Valerie Marin has published two anthologies, When Awoken Sing, and Clear Skies Ahead, and FM Poetry quarterly journals, on and in Gathering Gallery, Doylestown. She also paints and gardens since retiring from bilingual teaching in California. She moved here for her daughter and grandchildren.

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