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Plumsteadville Inn to be featured on “America’s Best Restaurants”


Local historic restaurant Plumsteadville Inn will host a visit from “America’s Best Restaurants” in early August 2022.

“America’s Best Restaurants,” a national marketing company focusing on local, independently-owned restaurants, will bring its “ABR Roadshow” to the inn on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Popular dishes will be highlighted, along with an extensive on-camera interview with owner Matt George about what makes “The Plum” a special place in the community. The episode will be aired extensively on social media channels at a later date.

Established in 1751, Plumsteadville Inn was a frequent stop for stagecoach travelers and later a major destination along the Philadelphia and Easton Railway line. Although closed for three years in the 1960s due to fire damage, the inn has been a steady fixture in the community while staying true to its notable past.

George began his hospitality career at age 14, bussing tables for the man from whom he eventually bought the inn. He describes Plumsteadville Inn as a place that can accommodate anybody for all occasions.

“We’re a historic landmark, and still a lot of people don’t know we’re here and that we offer a lot of amenities,” he said, noting that besides being a hotel and restaurant, the inn can also provide both on- and off-site catering for events. Multiple unique dining areas, from fine-dining to casual tavern, make the restaurant a “place for every occasion,” he said.