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Plumstead Township will draft policy for equivalent dwelling units (EDUs)


Plumstead Township supervisors discussed their policy concerning equivalent development units (EDUs) at their meeting last week. A 2008 court-ordered settlement agreement between the township and Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority limits the number of EDUs the township can allocate.

An EDU is a standard unit of water demand equal to one single family residence. It is used in planning for subdivisions.

Currently there are 111 EDU’s remaining in the township with 50 reserved for village center improvements and 50 for failing private sewer systems. There are also a number reserved for pending projects.

An applicant for EDUs must show sewer system infeasibility on a property in order to apply for township approval.

Tim Fulmer, township engineer, expressed the need for uniformity in EDU allocation policy for consultants to use to direct developers in their understanding of the process. He explained that at sketch plan stage developers may need assurance from the township that EDUs are available and reserved, but not allocated, to go ahead with more costly engineered preliminary or final plans.

Township Manager Carolyn McCreary agreed that the “murkiness” of the EDU reservation at sketch plan review requires clarity. Jonathan Reiss, township solicitor, gave several examples of the “limbo area” of reserved EDUs at sketch plan stage and recommended a time limit of 12 months be placed on the reservation.

Nick Lykon, township supervisor, made a motion, which passed, to have consultants draft a policy for EDU reservation and allocation with a time limit and notification process to be discussed at the next meeting.

The supervisors also approved the appointment of Plumstead resident, Nicole Raphial to the Park and Recreation Advisory Committee. They thanked her for volunteering to serve the community.