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Plumstead Black Lives Matter supporters meet with police chief


A group of Plumstead Township Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters delivered a letter to the Plumstead Township Chief of Police, Monday, July 6, in response to “hate-filled, crude and divisive graffiti painted July 4th outside the Plumstead District Office of (state)Representative Wendy Ullman, an ally and outspoken supporter for racial justice,” the group said.

Chief David Mettin met with the group of eight Plumstead-area BLM supporters at the Plumstead Police Department.

The meeting was scheduled to present the letter and begin discussions between BLM supporters and the police department about “necessary communication, collaboration and long-term changes that need to take place to create a more equitable, peaceful and just community for our Black and Brown neighbors, and for all of us,” said a press release issued by the group.

“The chief was very welcoming and receptive to the conversation, and we look forward to much more in the future,” the statement said. The community members emphasized that they “will not allow our narrative and goals toward beloved community, the dismantling of white supremacy and the unjust killing of Black and Brown people to be hijacked by haters.”

Nearly 50 Plumstead residents, business owners and local organizations signed the letter in a matter of hours when they found out about the graffiti, the group said.

The letter, dated July 6, and addressed to the Plumstead Township Police Department, reads as follows:

“As township residents, we want to thank you for your commitment to our community and our public safety. As supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, happening both nationally and locally, we also wanted to express our condemnation of the hate-filled, divisive, and crude graffiti that was displayed in our township on July 5th.

“We are vehemently opposed to this act of vandalism and the harmful narrative that it conveyed. As members of our beloved Plumstead community, as well as supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, our desire is to continue to maintain a trustworthy and respectful relationship with you, our local law enforcement, as we continue to work toward a just and safe community for all of our residents. As Chief Mettin asserted in a recent letter to the community, we also would like to reaffirm our desire to partner with you in refusing to ‘condone or tolerate biased based policing, harsh treatment of individuals or excessive use of force.’

“Aggressive acts from those in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement, and any acts like the aforementioned grotesque graffiti, creates an ‘us vs. them’ narrative that undermines our common goal of making sure, as the Plumstead Township Board of Supervisors communicated, ‘There is not a single Plumstead resident that should ever fear for his or her safety due to race, gender, or another demographic factor.’

“Our hope is that together we can stand against any systemic and institutionalized racism that creates the ‘horrific incidents’ of racial injustice and ‘unconscionable acts of brutality that can never be tolerated, in any form.’

“We thank you for pursuing anti-bias and de-escalation training, as well as your commitment to Community Policing, which is, according to the Plumstead Township Board of Supervisors, ‘about building ties with the community, working in a proactive partnership with citizens, building trust, in both directions.’

“Thank you again for your willingness to join us in creating and maintaining unity and justice in our community. Again, we condemn the recent act of vandalism and look forward to further dialogue and partnership.”

The letter concluded by saying “Thank you,” and was signed by over two dozen Plumstead Township area residents and community BLM supporters, including the NAACP Bucks County, Plumstead Friends Meeting, and The Rainbow Room.

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