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Phillips’ Mill seeks images, stories from its community

Phillips’ Mill sent an email to its members and artists Saturday, asking for images and stories about people’s experiences at the Mill.

The request was made for the Mill’s social media campaign promoting its upcoming online art show.

“As you know, we’re focusing our efforts this year on creating an online show because the pandemic has made a physical show at Phillips’ Mill unreliable this year,” reads the email from Laura Womack, co-chair, Phillips’ Mill Art Show.

“To promote the online show and garner the largest possible audience for your works, we have launched a social media campaign. We’d like to include you in that campaign,” the email says.

“We’re looking for images and stories from our arts community, including artists, collectors, Mill members and anyone who loves the arts,” the email continues.

Photographs sought include: art shown or purchased at the Mill; people associated with the Mill and the Art Show; historical images related to local arts or the Mill; photos of artwork created by Pennsylvania Impressionists, the New Hope School, etc.; and photos of artists who’ve shown work at the Mill.

The email asks those who have photos to contribute to send them in jpeg format, if possible. It adds that photos in the portrait orientation (tall) rather than landscape (wide) are preferable but says, “we can work with either.”

“For hard copies of photos, please take a photo with your phone and send us the highest resolution copy,” the email says.

It asks senders to “include as many details as possible, i.e. names of people in images, photographer, artist name, name of artwork, dimensions, etc.”

Womack’s email also requests written, oral and video stories related to the Mill. Audio stories should be recorded on smartphone apps and limited to three minutes. Video can also be recorded on smartphones, and should be taken in portrait mode and limited to three minutes.
The email asks senders to ensure that they have the right to the materials they submit. “By submitting them, you declare that you have the rights to the materials submitted and that you grant Phillips’ Mill Community Association and its officers the right to use the materials for publicity and social media,” it says.

“We are also happy to collect materials and pass them along to our colleagues at the other Phillips’ Mill arts, e.g. Youth Art, Photo, Drama, Forum. Please note the event you are referencing.”

Materials may be sent to