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Phillips’ Mill exhibits George Anthonisen’s newest sculpture


In its 92nd year, the Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibition selected George Anthonisen as its Honored Artist. The show runs from 1 to 5 p.m. daily through Oct. 31 at the mill, on River Road about a mile north of New Hope.
Anthonisen is exhibiting new work titled “The Rape of Justice.”
He has made the following comments about the work.
“Laws are enacted to serve Justice. If laws are changed or enacted to serve power, Justice is made vulnerable if not maimed or even destroyed. “I see Justice as beautiful and vulnerable. I see the law as turning to power through corruption and persuasion.
“Without protection from law, power rapes Justice. Power is the survival of the fittest and taking what one wants at any cost. ‘The Rape of Justice’ is the personification of that happening.’”
Anthonisen said in the sculpture, Justice is fighting for survival. “She has been stabbed in the side with her scales. This connotatively is like Christ stabbed in the side before being crucified.”

And power, he said, has a small head and an oversized body. “His eyes are those of a predator, cold and dead.”
He asks if the viewers in the real world will be able to rescue Justice or will she perish from the stab in her side delivered by unbridled power?
The catalog is online at Works may be purchased online.