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Phillips’ Mill Art Talk presents sculptor Shawn Campbell


Sign up for Sunday’s ArtTalk on Personal Connections in Sculpture with Shawn Campbell at 5 p.m. Sunday, July 25.
ArtTalk is a series of conversations with artists from around the region who share their perspectives, passions and art.
An award-winning sculptor, Campbell studied painting and sculpture at the Baum School of Art. She enjoys plein air painting with friends, but her true passion is working with clay, where she has found more freedom. She has focused on sculpture for the past four and a half years, creating figures and faces as well as ceramic boxes and ornaments. Her work is hand-built pottery with a variety of glazes.
Campbell’s sculptures speak with humor in their direct face-to-face presence. They are often ethereal, with an innocence that inspires the viewer to also create by supplying a backstory for the characters. In her sculptures and totems, the viewer experiences a mysterious vision of the world, a vision that includes a love of the eclectic. Campbell’s ceramic works suggest a vital interconnection between the human and non-human realms.

During these challenging times, Campbell has sculpted in clay 100 faces in 100 days, a tour de force of character invention. Join in to find out why Campbell has taken on this ambitious endeavor, adding to her prolific legacy of 3D sculpture creations and totems.
Registration is required by 4 p.m. Sunday, July 25, to receive a link to the discussion. To RSVP, visit
The discussion moderator will be Laura Womack, a former journalist in public radio. She is a weaver and dyer who works with traditional artisans in Asia. She is chair of the Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibition.