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Philabundance swimming in 50,000 pounds of salmon donated by AquaBounty


AquaBounty Technologies, Inc., a land-based salmon farming pioneer, is donating an estimated 50,000 pounds of its conventional Atlantic salmon to Philabundance, a Philadelphia-based hunger relief organization committed to ending hunger for good.

AquaBounty raises Atlantic salmon in carefully monitored freshwater indoor tanks at its farm in Albany, Ind. The contribution to Philabundance is one of multiple donations AquaBounty is making to organizations serving those who face hunger in local communities.

COVID-19 has reduced the demand for salmon in restaurants and institutional feeding programs, and AquaBounty decided to use its excess supply of conventional salmon to help feed families affected by the economic downturn.

For the next several weeks, AquaBounty will provide frozen Atlantic salmon fillets for Philabundance to distribute to those in need throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. The planned donation is worth approximately $250,000 and provides much-needed protein that is hard to come by for food banks due to the pandemic.

“Salmon is a fantastic protein source filled with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals,” said Philabundance CEO Loree D. Jones. “Sadly, fresh protein often can be too pricey for clients choosing between heating their homes and feeding their families. Thanks to AquaBounty’s generous donation, Philabundance clients will have access to restaurant-quality salmon without having to break the bank during these trying times.”

AquaBounty salmon are raised by a team that carefully monitors all conditions at the farm to ensure the fish thrive. The fish are free of antibiotics and other contaminants, and AquaBounty’s operations represent an efficient and sustainable way to raise Atlantic salmon that is good for the fish, good for consumers and good for the planet.

“At AquaBounty, we believe in using science and technology to help feed the world and solve global problems, like food scarcity and climate change,” said AquaBounty President & CEO Sylvia Wulf. “Working with Philabundance to provide healthy Atlantic salmon that is a safe, secure and sustainable source of healthy protein to those in need, allows us to share the seafood we love, while leaving our world a better place.”

Since COVID arrived in Philadelphia last year, Philabundance has seen up to a 60 percent increase in need, with 40 percent of clients utilizing the charitable food network for the first time.

“When people face hunger, they often struggle to meet other basic needs as well,” said Joe Lasprogata, vice president, new product development, at Samuels and Son Seafood Co., a Philadelphia-based seafood distributor of AquaBounty Atlantic salmon. “We at Samuels and Son are happy to support this generous donation program...”