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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society asks public to support pollinators


Pennsylvania Horticultural Society wants to remind people that gardening is a good way to get fresh air while being responsible and keeping the appropriate social distance from others.

Gardening can be used to provide food, create beautiful aesthetics, and help the environment.

PHS is asking individuals to support pollinators through gardening or supporting organizations that plant pollinator plants, such as PHS or local garden clubs.

“Pollinators play an important role in biodiversity, yet their populations are declining, and PHS is undertaking a collective action initiative to increase pollinators in the region,” said Andrew Bunting, PHS vice president of Public Horticulture.

“Promoting pollinators is just one crucial step to improve the biodiversity of the region, leading to improved health and well-being.”

Pollinators sustain the earth’s ecosystem and are responsible for assisting over 80% of the world’s flowering plants to reproduce and maintain biodiversity within a population. The USDA estimates that crops that depend on pollination are worth more than $10 billion a year.

Throughout the year, PHS promotes sustainable gardening and biodiversity in the region by hosting plant swaps, gardening workshops, and horticulture-focused lectures. A way to support PHS and its work is to become a contributing member. For information on pollinators or to get involved, visit