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Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners reschedules Bar Exam


The Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners has announced that, with the approval of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, it has rescheduled the July 2020 bar exam to Sept. 9 and 10, in light of the health and safety issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board recognizes that the viability of those dates depends on factors that cannot now fully be assessed, and it will continue to work with those studying COVID-19 and proper safety measures.

At the same time, the Board announced that the Court has approved a limited license that will allow qualifying applicants to practice under the supervision of experienced lawyers. The requirements and scope of the supervised-practice program are detailed in an order the Court has entered on April 28, 2020.

“The Board believes this order represents an appropriate balance between the need to ensure that the public is represented competently, the particular need for additional lawyers to assist the public in matters related to or arising from the pandemic, and the need for graduating law students to start the careers for which they have worked and invested so much,” said board chair David R. Fine.

In studying and dealing with a situation unlike any in the Board’s history, the Board was grateful to receive and review thoughtful comments and suggestions from many stakeholders with a number of perspectives.