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Pennsylvania adds 29 farms to preservation program


On Dec. 12, Pennsylvania’s Agricultural Land Preservation Board safeguarded 2,763 additional acres on 29 farms in 16 counties through the state’s farmland preservation program. The state board, in partnership with county boards, ended the year by preserving 209 farms (17,505 acres) – the highest number of farms in a decade.

Preserved under the state program in Bucks County were The Paul A. and Judith K. Lapinski Farm, a 39-acre crop farm and the James and Christine Simkins Farm #2, a 67-acre crop farm.

“This collaboration of state, county, local, and federal government combines with the farmer’s commitment to safeguarding our land to help secure a future for agriculture and the world our industry feeds, clothes, and fuels,” said Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding.

“Preserved farmland represents an investment in our best agricultural land for not only our state economy, environment, and food supply, but for our generations to come.”

The farms preserved in the Dec. 12 state action include crop, equine, fruit and vegetable, vineyard, timber, dairy, horticulture and nursery, and livestock operations.