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Letters to the Herald

Patriotism and nationalism bring our country together


Years ago when I was an elementary school teacher in grades 3-6, I would always start the day off with a short history lesson titled, “This Day in History,” using patriotic songs as my main motivational tool.

It was my ultimate goal of instilling in my students a love for their country, a feeling of pride and reverence for the U.S.A. unlike today where the words patriotism and nationalism are all too often mocked, shamed, ridiculed and scorned by those who want us to feel guilty, ashamed and embarrassed to be calling ourselves Americans.

I hope that our teachers of today do not yield to the pressures being forced upon them by those who seek to force their agendas upon them, but to stand up and not bow down to these enemies from within.

Remember, patriotism and nationalism are forces that bring us together as a nation rather than forces that tear us apart.

Melvin Band, New Hope