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Letters to the Herald

Pandemic a horrible experience, not for all


Someone in my family who is a national sales manager just received a $20,000 Christmas bonus. What did he do to deserve this ?
Before the coronavirus affected us, he would fly all over the country approximately 30 times per year and spend about 100 days in a hotel or motel. He would attend over 50 luncheons a year with customers.
Since coronavirus arrived, he has spent zero days in an airplane or a motel room. Other than some customers he can drive to see and return home the same day, he does all his work from home.
He has been very happy with the current situation as his salary before his bonus was also increased since the pandemic started.
The other side of the coin and how his company can afford his bonus is all the money they saved by not having to pay for his airplane tickets both going and coming, his hotel or motel stays, the car rentals and all the luncheons.

The company probably saved at least $35,000 in one year on not having to pay for these expenses and he did not get the virus. Now that’s a definite win-win for all.
The bottom line here is all or almost everybody who was able to work from home during the coronavirus saved money because they used much less gasoline, much less wear and tear on their car, and probably spent less on clothing and food . Also, how much money did the average family save on child care where both the mother and father normally work the same hours.
Whether the person deserved a bigger bonus than in other years has nothing to do with how hard he worked, as this person would readily admit it was the least effort he had put into his job in years, but he saved the company a great deal of money with the same results of past years.
The coronavirus is a horrible experience for most people, but not for all people.
Don Landry, Franconia