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Letters to the Herald

Oregon Trail embodies hope for a better life


In response to the (April 20) Chatterbox column on the Oregon Trail, the tradition of hope and new beginnings embodied in the Oregon Trail is a chapter of the American Dream.

Our Bucks County ancestors came to this country for a better life and for hopes of religious freedom and prosperity. My own paternal ancestors came from Germany to Bucks County as indentured servants and had to work for their freedom. My maternal grandparents came to Philadelphia, not knowing the language and hoping to make money and return to Germany, but the opportunities in this country far outweighed the idea of a return home.

Millions of Mexican migrants currently suffer daily hardships to attempt to reach this country.

And those that are considered disenfranchised have not been forgotten. Every Bucks County parent that pays for an offspring’s college education is at the same time financing a minority student’s education with the elevated tuition payments. Today’s Bucks County-affiliated Fortune 500 corporations are linking executive bonuses to the direct hiring of minorities and women. And the retired CEO of one of them is collecting millions of dollars from other CEOs to hire minorities with high school educations to positions currently requiring a college degree.

This is the current state of Bucks County. The rest is just chatterpox.

Curt Biehn, Lumberville

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