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Novelist Bonnie Kistle appearing at the Doylestown Bookshop


The Doylestown Bookshop welcomes author Bonnie Kistler for an in-person event, to discuss and sign copies of her novel, “The Cage,” at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 12.

“Combining the propulsive narrative drive of ‘The Firm’ with the psychological complexity of ‘The Silent Patient,’ ‘The Cage’ is a gripping and original thriller about two professional women—colleagues at an international fashion conglomerate—who enter an elevator together . . . but only one is alive when they reach the ground floor.

“...The Cage is a wild ride that begins with a bang and picks up speed as it races to its dramatic end.”

Kistler is a former Philadelphia trial lawyer. She attended Bryn Mawr College, where she graduated magna cum laude, with Honors in English literature, and she received her law degree from the University of the Pennsylvania Law School. She now lives with her family in Florida and western North Carolina.

Visit the Doylestown Bookshop online for information.