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Nostalgia 1720 open for business following renovation

Nostalgia 1720 has been renovated and reopened, six years after closing in 2013.

The farmhouse dates back to the original plantation of 1720. Both Simon Mathew and his brother-in-law Simon Butler were Welsh emigrants who settled in the town of Society, later known as Barndtsville, Whitehallville, and finally Chalfont. New Britain Township was named in their honor.

The farmhouse at Nostalgia 1720 has gone through renovations, and now offers new hardwood floors in some parts of the building, freshly painted ceilings and walls, as well as stone façade on the walls in the Hearth Room.

The original hardwood floors have been refinished and polished in the farmhouse, as the owners work to continuously preserve its history.

The “intimate open concept design space” in the farmhouse is used for various events: cocktail hour, bridal and groom suites, after-event cordials and an international coffee bar.

The Cameo Ballroom that’s attached to the farmhouse has gone through renovations as well and will accommodate up to 300 guests, with offerings such as: a grand staircase entrance, color-changing LED lights, new hardwood floors throughout, new Chiavari gold chairs, crystal chandeliers and new antique gold draperies.

The venue, reopened at the end of April, is ADA accessible throughout, with a chairlift in the ballroom, USB charging ports and Wi-Fi throughout the building, and lockable bridal and groom suites.

For information, or to schedule a tour, call 866-667-1720 or email