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North Main Street Garage


In 1930 Irvin Kohl had his photograph taken in front of the North Main Street Garage and Gulf Station, which he owned, at 366 N. Main St. in Doylestown. The average cost of a new car that year was $600, and approximately 22% of Americans owned automobiles. Serving the driving public, Kohl pumped gas at 10 cents/gallon from 1920-style pumps bearing the “Good Gulf” and “No-Nox” logos of the Gulf Oil Corporation. (Sanborn fire insurance maps indicate a 500-gallon gasoline storage tank buried at this site as early as 1922.)
In the 1950s, this Dutch colonial-style building was home to Lester A. and Marion V. Kohl’s car dealership. Early in the 21st century, 366 N. Main was turned into Mert and Monte’s takeout and delivery sandwich shop. The most recent occupant was Doylestown Deli & Healthy Choices. Today the old building with a contemporary façade stands vacant.