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Newtown physician releases free immune system wellness guide

Doctor and author Veronica Anderson, in honor of National Influenza Awareness Month in August, is offering a free wellness guide to bulletproof people’s immune systems and keep them feeling vital year-round.

In order to ensure optimal health and ward off the cold and flu, Anderson is offering a complimentary wellness guide featuring 10 doctor-approved, all-natural tools people might be missing.

“In this guide I share my secret digestive elixir for strengthening your immunity, little-known key vitamins and micronutrients you need to ward off colds, the three food groups you must avoid to keep your immune system strong, and much more,” said Anderson, an integrative and intuitive physician and wellness expert based in Newtown. “People need to start now because simply getting a vaccine is not enough.”

To download Anderson’s free wellness guide, visit

Anderson appears on national television and syndicated radio. She is also the author of “But Now I See: A Medical Intuitive Surgeon’s Guide To The Meaning of Your Illness and The Secrets To Healing Chronic and Incurable Disease,” available on Amazon.