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Letters to the Herald

Newtown council seems pro-Steeple View development


I didn’t know whether to write this letter because I already voted for the Newtown Borough Council. But, in the future, I would want all the persons who are presently members of the council to be removed.

At a recent meeting, council members voted to allow the Steeple View Redevelopment Project to go forward (with conditional use approval) even though four members of the Newtown Borough Planning Commission resigned and were not in favor of the alternate parking for the redevelopment project at the Stocking Works as a solution to the inadequate parking there.

It was never clear to me who’d be asked to park at the Stocking Works and walk. Every day I see cars parked at the old liquor store site behind the hardware store and wonder if those are the people who would, in the future, have to park at the Stocking Works and walk.

I suppose a lot of the parking would be taken up by this redevelopment project. It seems to me that decisions made by this council favor the developer rather than the borough residents they serve.

Marie Hutchinson, Newtown Borough