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New Hope native admitted to Vidocq Society


Kyla West (nee Brick), formerly of New Hope, is the youngest member inducted into the Vidocq Society. She is 29 years old.
The Vidocq Society is an elite group of experienced investigators, detectives and forensic specialists dedicated to solving homicide cold cases. As a wildlife biologist, West has extensive experience with investigations where death or injury were possibly caused by wildlife interactions.
“Her unique experience and expertise in forensic wilderness evidence is a tremendous asset in forensic evaluations.” stated Howard Lebofsky, deputy commissioner and chairman of the board of The Vidocq Society. ‘Kyla not only can tell what kind of animal may have been involved in an event, but whether an animal was involved at all and whether that animal was indigenous to the given region,” he concluded. In addition to becoming the youngest member of The Vidocq Society, Brick will appear in the 2021 edition of “Who’s Who in America.”

No stranger to trailblazing, Brick remains the youngest-ever person to qualify as a Deer Steward by the National Deer Association (NDA), at 15 years old. She holds a Bachelor of Science Cum Laude from SUNY/Syracuse University, is certified in wilderness first aid, a WA and ID Leader for ARTEMIS Sportswomen (a women’s group committed to engaging women in conservation, angling and hunting) and is a state ambassador for the PNW (Pacific Northwest) Outdoor Women’s Group. She is a statewide human-wildlife conflict analyst for Washington State.
A graduate of New Hope-Solebury High School, Brick lives in the Great Pacific Northwest with her husband and son.