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New Hope forensic examiner Dr. John Brick co-authors book


New Hope resident and independent forensic examiner Dr. John Brick, is the co-author of a new book titled, “Topic Guide to Cold Case Investigations” (aka The Topic Guide), published last month by The Vidocq Society.
The Topic Guide is a unique Socratic approach to murder investigations. It is based on 10 specific topic areas that are key to unraveling cold case murders that are presented to the Vidocq Society. The topics include legal, medical, toxicological, DNA, financial and other areas that link persons of interest to a murder. This publication is designed to assist law enforcement agencies with designated cold case units. As a member of The Vidocq Society, Brick regularly participates in dissecting unsolved cases presented by homicide detectives from agencies across the United States.

The Vidocq Society was recently in the news when two of its members, Bensalem Detective Chris McMullin and Jennifer Moore, a DNA genealogy expert and CEO of Innovative Forensic investigations, teamed up to determine the identity of the woman known as “Clubhouse Jane Doe” (Merrybeth Hodgkinson), a murder victim from 30 years ago.
Brick is the author of more than 100 scientific publications including several popular textbooks on the biomedical effects of alcohol and other drugs.