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New Hope Arts showcases contemporary weaving


Seven contemporary fiber artists will be featured in “For the Love of the Loom – The Fine Art of Weaving” at the New Hope Arts Center from Nov. 16, through Jan. 5.

The artists – Rita Romanova Gekht, Bojana Leznicki, Susan Martin Maffei, Ilona Pachler, Mary-Ann Sievert, Armando Sosa and Betty Vera – work with a variety of techniques, from traditional to experimental.

Though equipment may range from manually operated to computer-assisted looms, each artist approaches weaving as an artistic medium. As vehicles for personal expression, their textiles reflect the artist’s background, influences, and individual artistic vision – whether encompassing ancestral traditions or commenting on contemporary life.

Tapestry has an ancient history that continues to the present day. The late 1960s and early 1970s brought about a revival of interest in this art form as artists began to experiment with weaving in new ways.

Two internationally known tapestry artists from this groundbreaking movement, Archie Brennan and Michelle Lester, are also represented in the exhibition. Weavers and teachers, both have had a profound influence on many fiber artists and were mentors and/or colleagues of six of the artists in “For the Love of the Loom.”