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New book connects school-age children to yoga


Local business entrepreneur Traci Manuel has written a new children’s book that introduces school-age children to the world of yoga.

“Gina Explores Nature: Lessons from a Magical Mat” is the story of Gina, a student, finding an escape from her overly busy young life in the world of yoga. Gina’s magical mat takes Gina and her mother to nature where they learn to practice yoga from animals and other elements of nature. Gina and her mother also learn powerful life lessons that grow their mother-daughter relationship.

As a busy entrepreneur spending her days working in different time zones, Manuel, a Yardley resident, came to yoga to find both physical and emotional balance. Like Manuel, Gina and her mother find the calm and peace they need in life through practicing yoga. Having also met wonderful teachers and friends along her path of yoga, Manuel hopes others will be drawn to practice yoga through Gina and her magical mat.

“Gina Explores Nature: Lessons from a Magical Mat” is available on

The book is recommended for ages 9 to 12, or grades three to six. Illustrated by Alexandra Lotts, “Gina Explores Nature” includes watercolor pictures that bring Gina’s journey through nature to life.

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