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New and expanded assistance programs offer bill relief to PECO customers

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant economic and financial hardship for many in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region. Those affected, including the newly unemployed, most vulnerable communities, and small business owners, continue to grapple with the realities of the pandemic and long-term implications of this health crisis.
Recognizing the realities of this uncertain environment, PECO has developed bill relief options to assist customers facing financial hardship. These programs are designed to help customers get back on track with paying their bills while avoiding building up large outstanding balances that may result in an additional financial burden in the future.

“As families continue to navigate through the impact of the pandemic, we understand that financial hardships are a reality for many residential and small business customers at this time,” said Funmi Williamson, PECO senior vice president and chief customer officer. “Our new payment options and financial assistance programs reflect our commitment to our customers and the communities we serve, helping everyone transition through these difficult times together.”

Many customers who were not eligible for financial assistance before are now eligible to participate in new or expanded programs. For example, income-qualified customers who have never before enrolled in our Customer Assistance Program (CAP) are now eligible to have their total outstanding balance forgiven. Residential customers can enroll in a payment plan online at, and find out more about all available financial assistance at

“It is important for customers to take action and enroll in programs today,” said Williamson. “To date, only two percent of eligible customers have taken advantage of our new, flexible payment options. We strongly encourage customers to contact us to enroll in this plan with zero down and no interest.”

PECO is committed to helping every customer through difficult times. PECO is conducting virtual sessions with community partners and elected officials to help promote available bill relief and remains focused on delivering safe and reliable electric and natural gas service to customers in the communities it serves.