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Neshaminy Journal nominates work of six Bucks County writers for Pushcart Prize


Veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Lin, a member of the Bucks County Herald Foundation’s Board of Directors, is one of six Bucks County authors whose work has been nominated for a prestigious literary prize.

The nominations for the Pushcart Prize were made by “Neshaminy: the Bucks County Historical and Literary Journal.” This year is the first time “Neshaminy” has nominated work for Pushcart consideration.

Since 1976, the Pushcart Prize is awarded annually for works of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction published by literary magazines or small presses during the current year. Editors may nominate up to six poems, short stories, memoirs, or essays published, or scheduled to be published, in each year. The Pushcart Prize was named among the most influential projects in the history of American publishing by Publishers Weekly.

For 2023, Neshaminy’s nominated works are:

•“Banned! The Culture Wars Come to Bucks County” by Daniel Dorian, Spring/Summer 2023.

•“Odd Ducks” by Jill Lupine, Spring/Summer 2023.

•“A Portrait of the Artist: Ben Soloway” by Jennifer Lin, Spring/Summer 2023.

•“Purdy and Me: Don’t Feed Him Because He Might Get Nasty” by Don Swaim, Fall/Winter 2023.

•“How to Build a Castle” by Hayden Saunier, Fall/Winter 2023.

•“The Devil Sings in Millbrook’s Ear” by William J. Donahue, Fall/Winter 2023.

All nominated work is available in the 2023 Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter issues of Neshaminy.

“We were so lucky to have such depth of literary work to choose from, in our issues and in our artistic community,” said Melissa D. Sullivan, publisher. “We look forward to continuing to find ways to honor and support local Bucks County artists.”

Neshaminy Journal is a co-publication of the Doylestown Historical Society and the Bucks County Writers Workshop. Published twice yearly, Neshaminy is available for purchase at Bucks County indie bookstores and art galleries. Find more information at and

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