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Nature & NeuroArt


Blend environmental & nature therapy with the soothing wonders of art as we combine outdoor time with an artistic technique called “NeuroArt” during this walk & workshop.

What is NeuroArt?
NeuroArt is an art technique that allows the artist to reduce stress and think about problems creatively as they draw neural lines, round away harsh corners, add field lines that strengthen thoughts, and add colors to brighten the piece! Participants will learn how to create a NeuroArt piece and complete one during the class.

Why Add Nature?
The natural world is scientifically proven to be a relaxing, soothing place that has the power to heal and promote well-being. By walking through forests, where trees are communicating with one another, and near plants that are busy boosting their own immune systems, we also gain some of those physical benefits. Being outside in the sun and fresh air provides us with mood-boosting Vitamin D. Sitting by stream-sides, listening to water can help calm the mind and promote powerful thinking. When combining NeuroArt with the benefits of the natural world, we can combine the effectiveness of both! Participants will learn the scientific aspects that boost our emotional & physical well-being in regards to plant phytochemicals, the importance of mycorrhizal fungi in the soil, Vitamin D and more!

Workshop & Walk Details:
Workshop will take place outdoors if possible (in the case of inclement weather we will draw inside, but still learn about the natural world), so please dress accordingly. All NeuroArt drawing materials will be provided, however if you have your own dark sharpies (fat and fine tipped), colored pencils, and sketch book, please feel free to bring them to use.

Event Date
Friday, July 29, 2022
Event time
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Cost / donation
Marissa Jacobs,, 5704979141