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Letters to the Herald

More should experience Pearl S. Buck’s books, legacy


From my very first visit to the home of Pearl S. Buck for the Christmas season with my young family, we felt a warm welcome. The rooms were each decorated with a different tree and theme and there was a wonderful Christmas craft shop. We returned every year.

I especially loved being in the room where she did her writing. I could feel her presence and how happy she would be to share her home with us. She gladly opened doors to her community.

She opened doors to other cultures with her writing. I was welcomed into her world when I read “Oh Good Earth” and “Imperial Woman.” Like an artist with a paintbrush, Pearl S. Buck brought to life her story of a family’s journey in China.

I became fascinated and learned respect for other cultures and traditions. Her writing was so beautiful and made you feel everything; the warmth of a sunset, the characters’ emotions, which we all share, regardless of country or culture.

She opened her home and her heart to adoption of children from around the world. Her work continues with “Welcome House” and Pearl S. Buck International, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

I recommend to all to experience her writing, read her books, visit her home and discover her foundation, where you will get to know her hospitality — just as alive as it always has been. Open doors to the future.

Suzanne Fernandez, Doylestown

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