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Michener Business Reception


Michener celebrates business partners

The James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown hosted its Corporate Business Partners Reception on May 12.

Founded by Herman Silverman in 1989, the Corporate Business Partner Program represents a significant alliance between hundreds of businesses and the art community in Bucks County and the Delaware River Valley region.

Photographs by Carol Ross

1. Craig Morgenstern, Rick Millham, Christine Triantos, Melissa Eiseman, Joe Wingert, Binny Silverman, Glenda Childs and Kristin Vogel, members of the Corporate Business Partners Advisory Board.

2. Steve Darlington, Hugh Marshall, Randy Vogel. and Alex Siegel.

3. Jonathan McSurly, Maritza Brint and Ron Gentile.

4. Mark Baran and Bob Cosner.

5. Reynalda Kilpatrick-Ray and Roderica Kilpatrick-Ray.

6. Gina Rubel, Courtney Dickinson, Melissa Eiseman and Jennifer Carr.

7. Annie and Steve Worth.

8. Jennifer Hansen Rolli and Christine Edmonds.

9. Paul Gratz, Lisa Tremper Hanover, and Linda and Jon Peyton.

10. Grace Deon and Carol Ann Della Penna.

11. Jim McKinney.

12. Sponsors of the James A. Michener Art Museum Corporate Business Partners Reception.