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Michener Art Museum joins museum travel alliance


The Michener Art Museum has jumped on board with The Museum Travel Alliance (MTA), a consortium of art museums and other cultural institutions whose members share a passion for cultural travel.

The partnership will offer constituents access to a curated selection of exclusive travel opportunities led by well-known scholars and curators. Travelers will have the opportunity to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, embark on elegant chartered vessels and luxury trains, go behind the scenes of major cultural institutions, discover world masterpieces in context, and enjoy local culinary delights.

“We are delighted to offer our members these extraordinary travel experiences,” said Laurie McGahey, Michener Art Museum deputy director. “The Museum is grateful for the continuous support it gets from its patrons and this collaboration with MTA opens a whole new world of options to delight cultural cravings while supporting the Museum they love.”

“We are pleased to welcome the Michener Art Museum to MTA,” says Jim Friedlander, president of the Museum Travel Alliance. “The Michener is a world-class cultural organization, and we are delighted to offer the museum’s patrons and members exclusive travel opportunities.”

The Michener presents MTA’s “Insider’s Bermuda” Exclusive Receptions & Private Collections tour (April 21 – 25) to its member base. MTA has arranged for an exclusive meeting with the governor of Bermuda at the Memorable Annual Exhibition in the Botanical Gardens, special access to the private vault of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, along with a luxury cruise on a catamaran, and specially prepared dinners and receptions at notable, private Bermudian homes.

Interested travelers can explore the complete selection of cruises, land trips, and rail journeys on the Museum Travel Alliance website at