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MeWow Cat Cafe offers a new way to mingle with adoptable felines


If you’re a cat lover, or just someone who loves animals, walking into the MeWow Cat Café is like a breath of fresh air.

There’s a glass-walled room where kittens are free to roam about, snuggle in woven baskets or climb up to the comfy bench overlooking the road and passersby, as they wait until their “furever” home is found. There’s human seating too, so prospective owners can get acquainted with their possible pets.

Conceived by Eilene Shaffer and her daughter, Karla, the new Buckingham Township business on Old Easton Road is all about happiness, said Eilene. “People are coming in happy and leaving happy. This is a fun, happy, relaxing place.”

In less than a week since it opened, three kittens have already been adopted, Eilene said, including “Flirty Boy,” by her. He’s now MeWow’s mascot.

The cat café is a collaboration of sorts between Kitty Junction (a cat/kitten rescue), the Bucks County SPCA and Eilene. “We’re co-dependent,” she explained. Each of the other organizations provides animals to MeWow, as it provides a place for people to interact with the kittens.

Besides the soft, furry creatures to play with – and, hopefully, adopt, customers can buy and enjoy a cup of coffee at the small counter and enjoy desserts and pastries from local businesses. “Cats, coffee and desserts, everything I love,” said Eilene, with a grin.

The cozy atmosphere, with its muraled wall, cat-themed decor and shelves of hats and T-shirts, is comfortable and welcoming. Eilene credits her degrees in theater management and design and math with the inspired feel of the café.

Patrons pay a $6 fee for a half-hour of enjoying the kittens, which pays for the care of the cats, she said. The SPCA and Kitty Junction charge fees for adoption.

Eilene offers a “shout-out” to the township for its cooperation in launching MeWow and to her family.

Check the café’s Facebook page for information.